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Welcome To Coodu

COODU (Community Organisation for Oppressed and Depressed Upliftment) - COODU the acronym in Tamil means ‘Nest’ was initiated and registered in 1995 by a group of research scholars in their early years of social work.

It actually began as an answer to the travails of thousands of rural, urban and tribal downtrodden community working in the farms. Studying their poor socio-economic conditions and providing insights to planners and policy makers through various forums, workshops and seminars paved the way for establishment of COODU.

Gradually, the organisation began to answer to the needs of all oppressed sections of society besides landholders, Small and Marginal Farmers, particularly women farmers, landless agricultural labourers, tribal community living in the isolated places in the slopes of Western Ghats were the focus of several programmers as they were marginalized, victimized and vulnerable to political and socio - economic exploitation.

Through the last two decades of its vibrant existence, COODU has done pioneering work in all developmental fields.

Watershed Development

COODU has achieved recognition for its work in the field of Watershed Management by the Government of Tamil Nadu as well as National bodies such as NABARD and CAPART. The watershed activities of COODU are implemented in the districts of Coimbatore, Ramanathapuram (Ramnad), Namakkal, Krishnagiri, Virudhunagar, Cuddalore and Dindigul.

Water & Sanitation

The TWAD Board, with the aims of creating awareness on the judicious use of water, have created the “Community Capacity Development Unit” (CCDU) in accordance with the Guidelines on “Swajaldhara” (Centrally sponsored programme funded by Dept. of Drinking Water Supply, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India) scheme and entrusted.

Rural & Agriculture

COODU has always associated itself with the Govt. in bringing development to the door steps of the people from all walks of life. In keeping with this mission, the organization expressed its interest in creating awareness among the people and to facilitate the people to take pro-active measures in the sectors of water and sanitation and other Rural Development Programmes.

Who We Are

As a responsible citizen, every successful person of this society should have his aim, or at least think of, returning some benefits which he is enjoying from the society. With this idea in mind, the Trust started working to locate the rural poor and deserving students who could not continue their education due to poverty and ignorance. This is an organisation run by volunteers who are sincere and well established professionals and who are interested to see that every bit of donations reach the needy and brilliant students, without which, they would have perished in the darkness of the Social abyss.