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Environmental Awareness Training Program

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Environmental Awareness Training Program

Coimbatore is a district situated in the slopes and adjacent to Western Ghats. Perennial river like Siruvani, Bhavani, Amaravathi, Aliyar flows through our district.

Many streams and rivulet runs though our target villages and makes our lands fertile. Though there are few rich farmers and big land lords have coconut farms, majority of the farmers are small and marginal farmers. They adopt modern agricultural system makes the farmers poor and debtor. Hence COODU has implemented various sustainable agriculture programs. To improve our farmers productivity and to reduce the agriculture outside inputs COODU has organised a Earth Worm Casting preparation training programs at xxx Villages. 51 small and marginal women farmers were participated in this training programs. During this training the following topics were dealt:

  • Traditional way of compost pit making
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic methods of Compost Pit making
  • African Earth Worm and its feeding
  • Earth worm culture
  • Earth worm casting preparation
  • Waste turns into wealth
  • Sales of bio fertilizers and marketing


In the background of the Tsunami and other calamities, the Government has directed the urban and rural local bodies to prepare Disaster Management Plans to cope with natural and other disaster/calamities such as Tsunami, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, etc.  The Municipal Corporation of Coimbatore, as directed, entrusted formulation of ‘Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project’ to the organization which created a database on the ward profile by conduct of Participatory Learning Methods involving elected representatives, officials and the people at the ward level and, based on the existing as well as required infrastructures, formulated the disaster management plan.


Special tree plantation program was organised at important places in three villages. 612 trees were planned with the support of ITC Ltd PSPD, Coimbatore. All the trees are covered with special fencing and regular watering was organised with small cart. The following trees are planted at Jothi Puram, Thekkampatti and xxxxxx Road Sides, Temple Ponds, Lake Bunds.

Sl. No Name of the Tree Botanical name of the tree No. Trees
1. Pungan Millettia pinnata 86
2. Mahakani Cassia fistula 85
3. Vembu Asardiracta Indica 81
4. Nilavembu Andrographis paniculata 96
5. Arasan Ficus religiosa 85
6. Pencil maram Cassia fistula 95
7. Malivembu Melia azidarach 84

Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve

During the course of the awareness generation campaign among the fisher folk on the need for the conservation and development of the Biosphere, COODU has also prepared micro-plans for providing alternative livelihood to the fishermen community living along the Gulf of Mannar and subsisting on its resources, for getting financial assistance from the UNDP.

Being recognized by the Biosphere Reserve Trust as one of the premier organizations in carrying out its objectives COODU hopes to work with the trust under the aegis of the UNDP to facilitate the fishermen in finding alternative livelihoods on a sustainable basis.