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Under the CSR initiatives of ITC SUNEHRA KAL, development activities for improving socio-economic status of Tribals in Karamadai block has been launched in the year 2018-19.

Institution Building

At the first stage, focus was on Institutional building. In Ugenur tribal village in Tholampalayam Panchayat, two Water Users Associations(WUAs), consisting of 43 tribals including two widows, have been formed after numerous interactions with the tribals by the MSK team, comprising COODU multi-dimentional team members and ITC executives. Likewise, WUAs have been formed one each in Aravakadu, Ukkappatti tribal habitations in Tholampalayam Panchayat and Sethumadai tribal habitation in Velliankadu Panchayat. Altogether, five WUAs have been formed.


Soil and Moisture Conservation measures and water resource development activities were taken in the tribal areas. Trench cum Bund in fortytwo(42)Ha. of land belonging to fortytwo(42) tribal farmers were formed for soil and moisture conservation measures. An existing percolation tank in Ugenur, with a capacity of 6000 Cu.M and a large catchment area collecting the run off from the Western Ghat hill range, was renovated to irrigate 42 Ha of land.
A loose boulder check dam across a gully from the foot hills was also renovated. 6000 saplings of silver oak and casuarinas species were planted by the farmers. In a significant initiative, the MSK team has obtained the consent of Revenue authorities to permit the tribals to utilise the 42 Ha. of land that their ancestors have been tilling for generations.


There are 46 tribal villages in the watershed areas, wholly peopled by Irulars, comprising 28 revenue villages and 18 forests dwellings.


COODU was selected as Implementation Agency to execute Drought Proofing Programme in the tribal areas in Periya Jambugandi of Perianaikanpalayam Block at the foothills of the Western Ghats in Coimbatore District in the year 2001-2002 by the Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology (CAPART), a Government of India under the aegis of the Ministry of Rural Development. COODU had formed tribal SHGs and UGs and imparted training on accounts, soil & moisture conservation, afforestation and pasture development etc., COODU had facilitated hundreds of tribal farmers and labourers in the execution of the following works Summer ploughing, farm bunding, stone bunding, stone bunding, checkdams & vegetative barrier, percolation ponds, renovation of existing ponds, farm and cattle ponds, agro-forestry and horticulture plantation and fodder crops, etc.