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With the support and guidance of MahalirThittam of Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women, COODU organization has organized rural and urban women, who are marginalized and un-organized, in 89 habitations and formed Self Help Groups, as the grass root level functional forces

No. of Blocks taken up 7
Number of villages covered by COODU 89
Number of women covered under SHGs 18,203
Number of women SHGs promoted 1210
Total amount saved by women SHG members 3,78,59,765
Total number of Panchayat level (women) federation established 28


  • Women, who, for far too long, were confined to their homes, have now come out and claiming their Rights.
  • Women have formed themselves into groups and each one proudly call herself, a Self Help Group (SHG) member.
  • Women have undergone training in Organisation, book and account keeping and begun to manage groups.
  • Women have skilled themselves in various trade crafts and have begun to produce artifacts and materials that can be sold for a profit, thereby saving money for their families.
  • Women are into thrift activities, get loan both from their groups as well as financial Institutions and have begun to run enterprises.
  • A large number of women have become financially independent and manage their families on their own.
  • Women understand the meaning of empowerment and will attain it.