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CAPART assisted Grameen Vikas Andolan

COODU has always associated itself with the Govt. in bringing development to the door steps of the people from all walks of life. In keeping with this mission, the organization expressed its interest in creating awareness among the people and to facilitate the people to take pro-active measures in the sectors of water and sanitation and other Rural Development Programmes, in association with the CAPART.

Entrusted with this task by the CAPART, the organization mobilized the elected representatives of local bodies, the CBOs, the youth, Govt. field staff, teachers and SHG members in all Panchayats of Sulur Block in Coimbatore district and imparted training on the Rural Development Programmes.


COODU was selected as Implementation Agency to execute Drought Proofing Programme in the tribal areas in PeriyaJambugandi of Perianaikanpalayam Block at the foothills of the Western Ghats in Coimbatore District in the year 2001-2002 by the Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology(CAPART), a Government of India agies under the Ministry of Rural Development.

COODU had formed tribal SHGs and UGs and imparted training on accounts, soil &moisture conservation, afforestation and pasture development etc.,

COODU had facilitated hundreds of tribal farmers and labourers in the execution of the following works.

Summer ploughing, farm bunding, stone bunding, stone bunding,checkdams& vegetative barrier, percolation ponds, renovation of existing ponds, farm and cattle ponds, agro-forestry and horticulture plantation and fodder crops, etc.

Organic Farming

COODU has been instrumental in raising awareness among farmers in the project areas on the hazards of use of chemical fertilizers for food and fruit crops.  Hence, it has encouraged use of bio-fertilisers, bio-manure (converted from solid waste) and organic farming including vermi-composting.  SHG members have been trained in the production of organic manure and vermi-composting that is sold to needy farmers.

Medicinal plantations

With technical support from COODU, in several watersheds, small and marginal agriculturists have been encouraged to establish medicinal plants and herbs as main crops or intercrops.  SHGs have also been trained in raising of medicinal plant nurseries for large scale growing of medicinal herbs. Considerable efforts have been taken to disseminate information using several media to encourage the use of traditional herbs and medicines for various ailments including treatment for HIV/ AIDS without side effects.

Training on Natural and Alternate Farming

In these days of pollution caused by the extensive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, COODU, realizing the danger posed by chemicals, organized a workshop on Natural and Alternative Farming in Ramanathapuram.  The workshop was organized with financial assistance from the DRDA-Ramanathapuram with the participation of Dr. Nammalvar, a natural scientist and practicing farmer and attended by representatives from all watershed areas in Ramanathapuram District.  The objective was to sensitise and motivate the farmers/ representatives attending the workshop and to propagate/ disseminate information/ practices in Natural and Alternative farming.

Natural and Alternate Farming – Exposure visit

COODU has organised exposure visits for farmers to areas where natural and alternate farming are being practiced. COODU had organised visit to Vanagam in Karur District which is at the fore front of natural farming in the state. Being run by Dr.Nammalvar , Vanagam has been propagating natural farming techniques.