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Training on PRI Representatives

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Training on PRI Representatives

COODU besides professionally implementing different programmes, has over time become a Skill& capacity building agency not just to people and their organizations but to different organizations in Government, Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. Many people have been trained and provided skills & knowledge by COODU Independently as well as collaboratively. For example, Ecotech Consortium in which COODU is a founder partner imparted training to PRI Representatives and SHG Federations Representatives of Perambalur and Ariyalur district on Solid Waste Management and organic farming practices.

TN- IAMWARM Project: Capacity building for Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)

COODU has undertaken Capacity building of Water Users Associations (WUAs) for Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) in the sub-basins of Upper Vaigai, Varattar – Nagalar, Upper Gundar, Sindapalli Uppodai, Therkar and Senkottaiar lying in the Districts of Madurai, Virudhunagar and Theni in which the following tasks were carried out.

  • Identification of key issues (homogeneity of community, gender issues, power relations) and development of a vision for each WUA.
  • Awareness campaigning.
  • Organising walkthrough surveys and water walks.
  • Build capacity for effective water distribution among farmers.
  • Suggest ways and means of achieving water use efficiency, by adopting water management and agro engineering technologies such as micro irrigation, fertigation and other water harvesting techniques.
  • Build capacity of WUAs for handling own-management works (small civil works).
  • Building linkages with the WRD and other line departments for ensuring WUAs sustainability.
  • WUAs to undertake “Social and Financial” audits as envisaged in the TNFMIS Act.
  • Build capacity of the WUAs to organise managing committee meetings, general body meetings & sub-committee meetings, mobilise the members, maintain records, office upkeep etc.
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution.

Target group for capacity building in the entire sub-basin(s):

1. WUA office bearers (Presidents & TC Members) All the managing committee
2. WUA Sub-Committees’ Members members and sub-committee
3. Farmers (including women) members of WUAs

Watershed development Training

Training activities under several watershed programmes were conducted by COODU facilitating knowledge sharing and proper implementation of activities under watershed approach. The different training programmes conducted include:

  • Orientation Training to Watershed Association members under various schemes
  • Key persons Training to WDT members and officials
  • Skill Enhancement Training to Farmers and Watershed Association members
  • Training to farmers on modern practiceslike usage of Bio-fertilisers, vermi-compost etc.
  • Agriculture Technology Training to Farmers and Watershed Association members


Exposure visits to model watershed projects within the state and other states in the country form an integral part of Watershed programmes. COODU organisesseveral exposure visits to various Watersheds, Agriculture Research Institutions and Model Farms.

  • Model Watersheds in Tirunelveli, Dindigul, Periyakulam, Nilgiris, Karur districts TN
  • Botanical Gardens – KodaikanalTN
  • Muthumala Reddy Farm, Chengleput TN
  • Animal Husbandry Research Station – Kattangulatur, Chennai TN
  • TN State Training Centre – Kudumimamalai, Pudukotai TN
  • Ralegaon Siddhi – Pune, Maharashtra
  • WOTR, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
  • MYRADA – Mysore, Karnataka
  • ICRISAT and NIRD – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • BHC Agro-India Ltd (Israel technology) – Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh


In these days of pollution caused by the extensive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, COODU, realizing the danger posed by chemicals, organized a workshop on Natural and Alternative Farming in Ramanathapuram. The workshop was organized with financial assistance from the DRDA-Ramanathapuram with the participation of Dr. Nammalvar, a natural scientist and practicing farmer and attended by representatives from all watershed areas in Ramanathapuram District. The objective was to sensitise and motivate the farmers/ representatives attending the workshop and to propagate/ disseminate information/ practices in Natural and Alternative farming.


COODU has organised exposure visits for farmers to areas where natural and alternate farming are being practiced. COODU had organised visit to Vanagam in Karur District which is at the fore front of natural farming in the state. Being run by Dr.Nammalvar , Vanagam has been propagating natural farming techniques.


School Sanitation Programme

As part of the Clean Village Campaign, school sanitation activities were also undertaken. School headmasters and teachers were provided with training and encouraged to teach children the importance of hygiene and sanitation. COODU facilitated in construction of Toilets in schools and provided with water facilities. All village children were encouraged to use footwear and wash hands before and after eating/ using toilets. The children were seen as a good medium to spread the message of sanitation to the elders in the village.